Christian found yoga in 1999 through a Vipassana meditation retreat in Thailand. At an early age he was eager to find meaning in life. In 2003 he completed a classic Sivananda Yogalehrer training and stayed for another 2 months in India, where he also traveled a lot. After several years of teaching yoga, the further deepening in various forms of meditation (Osho & Tantra), interest in the search for optimal physical yogapraxis was not yet satisfied. Anusara Yoga founded by John Friend gave him new directional principles and opened up a lot of new perspectives. From teaching to teaching, many new aspects have been incorporated into yoga classes. However, when he was able to learn the Bowspring method directly from Desi Springer and John Friend, the development went even further to new alignment principles. Christian is always open to new things but he keeps old proven methods with joy in the classroom. He enjoys being connected to the people with whom he can practice yoga and teach them to grow and experience positive change. Conscious presence from moment to moment is the joy and the motivation that he so gladly shares with the students week after week.

Life & Love – Here & Now


Dinah has completed her 500+ hours of yoga teacher training in October 2016, which she has worked intensively for two years. Parallel to this, she has caught fire for the Bowspring method and combines tried and tested elements of classical Hatha Yoga with the wonderful new alignment system of the Bowspring at the Omyo Yogazentrum.
Joy in movement, the experience of more physical and mental strength and flexibility, and the deep spiritual wisdom of yoga in combination, is what fascinates Dinah. To share this rich treasure with their students is her great motivation every week.

Bend the body – expand the mind.