Bowspring Workshop
17. & 18. Juni 2017

This is a 10-hour introductory workshop for the Bowspring – a new approach for functional posture designed for all levels of students – beginners to yoga teachers and fitness instructors. All are welcomed to experience the transformative and therapeutic power of the Bowspring.

Desi and John will help each student learn the Bowspring considering everyone’s unique alignment and particular limitations. The most basic elemental forms of the Bowspring system will be presented along with dynamic postures within the Level 1 Syllabus.

 Students will learn about the 10 universal postural tendencies which unconsciously draw us toward a closed posture throughout our normal day. The Bowspring method integrates a mindfulness training with the cultivation of compassion and accountability to help us create our own individual destiny. In this weekend, you can gain a transformative shift in self-knowing, which can reveal a path toward harmony and long-term health. The Bowspring is movement medicine which cleanses fear and bolsters courage.